little things

May 30, 2011
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I feel like I need a reminder of all of the lovely little things that make me happy.

peonies, scream-singing, fresh sheets, thunderstorms, photography, midnight texts, warm bread, Frangelico on the rocks, candlelight, when a movie I love is randomly on TV even when I own it, black cherry mojitos, Rob Base, penguins, pink wigs, PMS 312, being near water, General Hospital, losing time when reading, snail mail letters, mix tapes, crayola crayons, getting butterflies, when my 3 yr old nephew tells me he misses me, fireflies, meteor showers, car dancing, room service, snowflakes, big fluffy blankets, long drives, coffin days, smell of burning leaves, starbucks iced passion tea, Adirondack chairs, lilacs.